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The Southwest Licking Early Learning Center

Southwest Licking Schools offers a preschool program for both typically developing peers and those with disabilities.  This program offers an enriching and welcoming learning environment for children between the ages of three and five. Our preschool offers a range of services free to those with a qualifying disability, while typical peers are enrolled on a tuition basis.  At our preschool you will find an emphasis on developmentally-appropriate activities with a focus on the High Scope Curriculum. Within our preschool setting, children with disabilities receive play-based, individualized, developmentally appropriate interventions, including child- and teacher-directed activities. Children of all abilities are given the opportunity to learn and to interact with each other. The typically developing peers within our program serve as role models for instructional and social interactions.


Our preschool program is operated according to the Ohio Department of Education Preschool Education standards, federal education mandates under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA), and state licensure rules and regulations. Preschool teachers must hold a license issued by the Ohio Department of Education.

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